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WINGS ERP is VAT Ready! ERP for SMB’s offering highly productive softw

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WINGS ERP – Bilingual (English & Arabic) ERP for SMB’s offering highly productive software systems with modules.

Bilingual (Arabic & English)
Multi-Cost Centre

1. Wings ERP – Auto Dealers.2/3/4 Wheeler, Tractors, Heavy Equipment.
2. Wings ERP – Equipment Sales,Service & Spare Parts.
3. Wings ERP – Electronics & Appliances.
4. Wings ERP – Apparel & Footwear retailers, traders and distributors.
5. Wings ERP – FMCG & Packaged Goods.
6. Wings ERP – Finance, Fixed Assets.
7. Wings ERP – Business Intelligence.
8. Wings ERP – Trading services , Production.
9. Wings ERP – Project Management.
10. Wings ERP – Purchase, Sales, POS, CRM Inventory, Inter Branch.

• A new age ERP Software for Medium and Large businesses.
• Connects all functions of your business and all branches into one seamlessly integrated system.
• Extremely sophisticated features and tools.
• Implementation & rollout in days, not months or years.
• With completely web-based WINGS ERP, you can set up a completely online system across all branches.
• WINGS ERP can also be setup as an offline system with automatic synchronization of data with all branches periodically, including auto synchronization.
• Complete multi currency support, Transact in multiple currencies. Take reports in any currency.
• Dashboard, Get a snapshot of your business, a summary of key indices, at all times on your Dashboard. Individual Dashboard for each user.
• Connect with customers, suppliers, employees and others easily, quickly. Send SMS
directly from reports and transactions. Send emails with invoices, documents,reports using Outlook or Outlook Express.
• Design any number of new reports with the powerful Report Designer, Apply formulae and conditions, Pivot-type matrix reports.
• Linked Transactions. Increase efficiency and reduce data entry errors. WINGS ERP maintains live links between sequential transactions and pending items in subsequent transactions.
• Branch-based segregation of data ensures restricted data access.
• Peripherals, Modern businesses work with all kind of peripherals. WINGS ERP integrates with them easily. Printers, Barcode Scanners, Barcode Printers,Attendance machines.
• Save incomplete transactions as Draft for later completion.
• WINGS ERP is the easiest ERP software to learn, implement and use. Go LIVE in days,not years.