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Web Application Development | Point of Sale , CRM software development

الأفلاج، الرياض تم إضافة الإعلان في 11:16 ص, 22 نوفمبر 2021, رقم الإعلان: 101068734

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AZ Soft Solutions - One Of The Leading Web Application, CRM, ERP & HRM Software Development Company In The Industry Who Allows Clients To Streamline The Efficiency Of Their Business Processes By The Optimization Of Sales Cycle & Improving Resource Performance.

FBR IMS Integration Supports
Complete inventory management
Sales management (Cash Sale/Credit Sale/Refunds)
Quotation Management
Thermal Printer / A4 Invoice Support
Integrated Accounting module
Manage Suppliers and Purchase with payment Management
Customer management with their account management
SMS feature for Sales and Marketing
Comprehensive Dashboard
Support single and multiple branches
The complete process of Sales and Refund
Complete Set of Reports
An online system that connects your all branches/outlets from anywhere and any time.

General Features:

Informative dashboard
Support different type of business
Integrate with accounting package (Account software SMB)
Easy to use for day-to-day operation
Multi system supported
Item scanning With Bar Code Scanner
Bar code generate functionality (Scan-able via scanner)
No limit for Barcode length (e. g. 3 to 15 etc)
Bar code can be Number + Alphabets
Cash management
Cash register, Keep a complete history of every counter incoming and outgoing cash.
Tax calculation (Fix and %age)
Different types of users with different sets of permissions. (e. g. Admin, Cash counter user, etc)
Easily configure features to match your business needs.
Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe
The customizable layout of ePOS
Accounting System (G-L)

Multi-Branch Features:

Support multiple branches
Access any branch from anywhere
Monitor your outlets even from mobile phone
No any Special “VPN”
Use it with an ordinary internet connection
Supports unlimited outlets
Transfer stock of one outlet to other outlets/store
View day to day activities of all outlets
Create an inventory for a particular outlet from anywhere.

Sales Features:

Cash sales
Credit card sales
Sales on installments
Complete sales history
Sales history by customer
Sale hold option
Customizable invoice
POS invoice
A4 Invoice
Discount supported (Fix or %age)
Print receipts for customers
Invoice templates, create your own type of Invoice
Different invoices for a different type of transaction / Sale type (e. g. Cash sale, Credit sale)
Different categories of products are available for the different users (can be all or selective)

Inventory Features:

Inventory management:
Inventory import & export
Inventory managed by Category and their Type (Category: Grocery and Type: Rice)
Inventory ordering management.
Inventory expiry date
Inventory Box
Inventory kit (Sale two different inventories as a single inventory) e. g. Shampoo with Conditioner
Manage Inventory Damage
Inventory Serial number support (Especially for electronic products). Single inventory has many different serials. E. g. (Mobile Phone, Nokia 830 has the same barcode, but IMEI is different for every set)
Inventory "Batching" (Especially for Pharmacies)
Support wholesale price and retail price.
Alerts for inventory out of stock
Auto order for out of stock inventories
Alert for item kits
Attach a picture with the product
Activate / deactivate any product

Supplier / Orders Features:

Keep supplier records (Supplier management)
Maintain supplier ledgers and have the complete history of transactions
Keep track of outstanding bills. (Amount payable)
Generate Purchase Orders.
Order Receive
Keep track of what was the Purchase order, and what we received
Auto-update the inventory quantity with “Order Receive”
Keep track of complete purchase order history with a particular supplier
Order Return
Cancel orders

Customer Features:

Customer Management
A complete history of customer accounts
Find balance mismatch / Anomaly with just a click.
Maintain an alert for a customer credit limit.

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We develop android mobile app, ios mobile app, mobile app development

We develop android mobile app, ios mobile app, mobile app development

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