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Toyota Camry 1999 for Urgent Sale

جدة، مكة تم إضافة الإعلان في 23:14, 26 نوفمبر 2016, رقم الإعلان: 100187041

15,000 ر. س
موديل كامرى
ناقل الحركة يدوي/عادي
السنة ١٩٩٩
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For Sale

Toyota Camry 1999 XLI model I am using this car since 6 years and Alhamdulillah never had any problem its most successful, most demanded model with low maintenance
This car never driven in taxi some people may think because of white color I am the third owner and 2nd owner in Radwa Farms and 1st owner Career AC Co

A month ago I changed all the tires even spare is hardly used , rear shocks are also new and timing belt also changed a year ago and can be replaced after more 50,000 KM if have want to maintain the car
Dont go on mileage still the car is perfect condition and can be run more then 300000 In Sha ALLAH if check basic things like oil water filter time to time

Interior is neat and clean

Most efficient and economic car just buy and drive only you need to change the front doors lock appx cost 150 SR if buy from Tashlia

White Color (Original Body no any major accidents since i am using only right rear door and right fender painted due to minor damage for reference I am having before pictures also)

Reason for selling going for SUV

4 cylinder 2.4 engine 2000 cc
Engine Perfect Condition
Gear Box Perfect Condition (There was a leakage so changed the oil seal now no leakage)
AC Chilled
Manual Gear
Manual Windows
Auto mirror
Tires 5 New
Shocks Rear New
New Fahs & Estimara is Valid until March 2017.

Please note with due respect:

1. No joyriders. Only very serious buyers come with mechanic and final the deal
2. No ridiculous price quoting. Prices are open to negotiation

Contact # Abu Omer 500 - أظهر الرقم -

Toyota Camry 1999 for Urgent Sale جدة -  2
Toyota Camry 1999 for Urgent Sale جدة -  3
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