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Talking Hand Reared Baby African Grey Parrots For Sale

البجادية، الرياض تم إضافة الإعلان في 17:33, 14 نوفمبر 2020, رقم الإعلان: 100937683

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Gorgeous Hand Reared Baby African Grey Parrots For Sale. Here we have a few Baby African Grey's, which are all Hand Reared from as young as 14 days old, they are one of the largest baby African Greys for their age, which shows the good quality of the strain of our birds, and now at 9 months old they are fully tame and ready for customers to choose from, as they are great with every one and will go to any one in the family including little kids. All our babies are very cuddly as you can just about do anything with them, they like to hang up side down on your hand and will also climb on your shoulder, and play with your hair all day long. They love showing off by spreading there wings out, and having there necks tickled and there back stroked. They will pay attention to anything that you shown an interest to, and love to take a full part. They will also give you kisses and will allow you to place your fingers in their beaks, without biting you as they are very tolerant and soft and are socialized well since a young chick. All Babies have started to talk and they can say, Hello Boy, Come here. They are all very socialised and have never attacked or bitten any one which makes them a great pet and very ideal for the customers to choose from. All babies are that friendly they absolutely crave to stay with you all day and will also fall asleep on your shoulder. As we like to do things properly all our babies come with the Legal Requirement. All Babies are fed on fresh fruit, nutritious parrot food and veggies. Buyers wont be Disappointed and are welcome to visit the Birds at any time. We understand choosing your perfect Pet Parrot could be Hard, We make sure to go through as much information as you would possibly need, and offer you as much advise in terms of caring for your new Pet Bird.

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