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Requirement for (2) house driver

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I have a requirement for (2) house driver with the following terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Contract duration of (2) years
2. Knowledge in English and/or Arabic language.
3. Basic Salary of SR 1200/- plus SR 200 food allowance
4. Work experience in Gulf Countries as house driver or having Saudi driving license copy if available.

Duties and responsibilities
5. Driving Cars of sponsor.
6. Washing cars of sponsor.
7. Transfer the sponsor's family by their desire.
8. Bring all sponsor orders and sponsor's family.
9. Follow-up a Car maintenance work by sponsor orders.
10. Do light maintenance for sponsor car
11. Accompany the sponsor to and from work.
12. Accompany the sponsor to and from : the hospital, events, visits and performance assumptions in the mosque.
13. Accompany the sponsor's family in Saudi Arabia.
14. Accompany the sponsor's family out Saudi Arabia.
15. Throwing waste.
16. Caring of home plants.
17. Cleaning the home yard.
18. Accompany sponsor's guests.
19. Accompany father and mother and the wife and family sponsor's (the elderly, or patients, or those with special needs) to the hospital and the bank and shopping.
20. Cooking inside the room is not allowed.
21. Maintaining the cleanliness of the room is very important.
22. Should take a bath/shower everyday ( Personal hygiene should be maintained).

Please do let me know the availability of candidate with the above requirements and send me the CV for my evaluation.

WhatsApp only : 593 - أظهر الرقم -


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