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Renault Duster

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8,000 ر. س
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Make and Model: Renault Duster
Year: 2015
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
Odometer: 36000

I am selling well maintained Renault Duster with below specifications.
Make: Renault Duster
Model: 2015
Color: Green
New tires (good for next 40,000km)
Good outer condition
Bring your expert to finalize the deal
Reason for Selling: Final Exit.
Excellent family car for long journeys as well as city use
Reason for selling: Going final exit
Price description:
Total installment:60
Installment paid:30
Left Installment:30
Last Installment:8212 SR
Monthly Installment:1046 SR (Monthly)
Give me 8000 SR .I will transfer document to your Name.
Transfer of car would be done by bank ANB.

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