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Rare BMW 550i, top of the line

الخبر، المنطقة الشرقية تم إضافة الإعلان في 04:07 م, 4 ديسمبر 2021, رقم الإعلان: 101083092

78,000 ر. س
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Rare & mint condition BMW F10 550i 2012 model. Top of the line with the highest specs in the 5 series edition.

Engine & suspension specs:
. BMW flowless N63 model, Twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, 4.4 Litre that produces 402 horsepower and around 600 N.M torque.
. Odometer: 188K
. Condition: No faults, issues, or heating problems. Regularly maintained with no issues at all.
. No coding or modification was done to the engine, the car is daily driven.
. 4 driving modes: comfort, normal, sport & sport +.
. Rear-axle steering for extra maneuvering.
. Good suspension condition.
. Perfect AC.
. Godspeed lowering springs.
. Renn Auto front & rear spacers.

Exterior & body specs:
. Minor paints for scratches, no accidents at all.
. Front M-tech bumper with front lips.
. Front M-tech grill.
. Side skirts.
. 19-inch original Vertini Dynasty Wheels with brand new tires.
. Rear spoiler.
. Rear windshield spoiler.
. Original quad Akrapovic carbon fiber mufflers tips.
. 90% window tint isolation.
. The body is waxed on regular basis.

Interior specs & car options:
. Dark camel x Black interior.
. Comfort front seats with more than 10 functionalities.
. Headup display - navigation, system alerts, media player, signals & speedometer.
. Navigation.
. Premium sound system with Harman Kardon tweeters & dash speaker.
. Bluetooth for calling & media player.
. Ambient lighting & side panels lighting.
. Comfort closing & easy access for all doors.
. 550i gauges.
. 3 zones AC with side panels AC vents & rear climate control.
. Heated & cooled seats.
. M power pedals.
. Mint condition cockpit, no scratches or broken buttons.
. Steering wheel shifters.
. Lane assist.
. 360 cameras, 4 cameras.
. Auto park assistance.
. Front & rear parking sensors.
. Electric trunk, open and close.
. All auto sunroof with automatic visor.
. 2 original BMW keys & catalog.
. 2 front memory seats.
. Electric parking brake with auto-hold function.
. Folding mirrors.
. BMW xenon with auto-leveling lenses.
. BMW adaptive lighting, cornering light & auto lighting.
. Front headlights wiping functionality.

All exchanged parts are available, please contact on WhatsApp.

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