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Portable handy Scanner- IRIScan Book

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This is a hand held scanner used for scanning books and reading materials. You can google more about the device by typing IRISCAN BOOK 3 in the search bar.

900 dpi
Save Scans to microSD
Scan to JPEG or PDF
Runs on AAA Batteries
OCR Software Included

The IRIScan Book 3 Portable Scanner from Iris lets you scan anywhere, even without a computer. This slim battery-powered scanner easily fits into your bag and can scan any flat surface up to 8.5" wide. The scanned images can be saved to the included microSD card as a JPEG or PDF. After the images are captured, they can easily be transferred to a computer using the supplied USB cable or with a microSD card reader (not included). Once the scanned images are on your computer, you can use the included Readiris OCR software to convert the scans to a searchable PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or other compatible formats.

**Scan Any Flat Surface**
Slide your scanner over the document to capture the image at up to 900 dpi. Use the lower 300 dpi resolution to capture a page in as little as 3 seconds (color)

**Scan without a Computer**
The scanner runs on 3 AAA batteries and can save scans to a memory card so you can scan all your documents without being connected to a computer

**Convert Your Documents into Editable Files**
Convert text from your scanned documents into editable Word, Excel, or PDF documents

**Create Searchable PDF**
Readiris converts scanned documents into searchable PDF files using OCR

**Scan directly to PDF or JPEG**
Scan to PDF or JPEG file format and choose from options including resolution and color or black and white. You can edit the settings directly from the scanner, without having to connect it to a computer

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Portable handy Scanner- IRIScan Book جدة -  3