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Portable Boring & Welding Machine C40 Dual System STD600

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Boring machine C40 Dual System Std 600, It allows for carry-welding and boring from 45mm to 600mm.
Works executables
• boring
• drilling
• tapping
• internal overlay welding
• external overlay welding

Built in to separate parts that can do independent machinings. To make just operations of carryover of welding, it is not necessary to use the body of the engine machine, just use only the advancement system.
Rapid Centering kit, with magnetic system.
Main and additional supports are built to be also adjusted after being welded to the piece.
No microspand: to measure the diameter you can directly use our new digital caliber to save time, reduce the complexity of the process and to be more accurate.
Stronger Tool holders of 14 mm.