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PERKINS Generators

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Best Price Guaranteed

We are the Authorized O.E.M for the Perkins Diesel Generator,
One of the stockiest Diesel Generator suppliers in the Middle East,

We have available in stock all range of Perkins Diesel Generator from 10 ~ 2500KVA,

All our Generators are latest Model Original UK Made and coming fully fitted with International Standard - Not Local UAE Assembled.

60Hz ( 220/380 v - 220/415V etc.. ) 1800RPM

Fully packed with all the supporting documents

• Perkins Certificate of Authenticity
• Certificate of Origin ( Original )
• Deepsea – DSE- Certificate of Origin – UK
• LeroySomer – Certificate of Origin – France
• Operation & Maintenance Manual
• Brand new – Built in Battery
• Air Intake Filter and Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Pre Fuel Filter all are already fitted

Type of Generators:
1) Close / Silent – Weatherproof – Super Soundproof Type
2) Open Type
3) Container Type
4) Trolley Type

Perkins Diesel Generators are mostly fitted with 2 Type of Alternators
1) Stamford
2) Leroysomer

The Controller is Deep Sea electrics – Original UK

Call / WhatsApp our Sales Support Team for Free Quotation and Further details 569 - أظهر الرقم -