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New locked box HTC 10 Topaz Gold axiomtelecom warranty

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الماركة HTC
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The idea of ​​the HTC 10 "HTC 10 was born of light, and even refined the franchise, employing a new approach to design, carved in bold lines of steel metal. The sides of the phone reflect the light, and look more sleek as the front glass flows in to blend perfectly into the chassis. The phone has a well-made operator button, with more elegant and better-looking speakers, and a fingerprint sensor that can recognize the user's finger from almost any angle.
The new HTC phone was tested for more than 168 hours under extreme heat conditions ranging from freezing (minus 20 ° C) to 60 ° C, as well as over 10,000 drops, pagan , Scratched, and scratched.

"Camera" universal model!
The HTC 10 is equipped with the world's first optical image stabilization technology, larger front / rear f / 1.8 lenses, more sensors, 12 million UltraPixels, automatic laser focus for the main lens, and a wide-angle lens with UltraSelfie ™ front screen flash technology.
The "camera" is designed to respond and operate at no more than 0.6 parts per second, and the second-generation laser-focus technology, which gives focused shots faster, is fast enough to operate in a burst mode. Conveniently, all settings are set at your fingertips for easier control, and with Pro mode there are still advanced options available for professional photographers, including the RAW style function.

The best voice and the most beautiful image
The phone combines 4K color brilliance with 24-bit stereo sound recording technology to capture 256 times more than standard recordings on a multiple frequency range, allowing you to enliven your recordings.
The HTC 10 is designed for music lovers by adopting high-definition recordings in a way that the music is heard in the way the artist wants. The speakers provide twice as much sound as other traditional speakers, with the ability to upgrade from 16-bit to 24-bitK, and the conversion between high and analog digital performance, which blends beautifully to reduce the noise level 10 times less than other devices available in the market, Giving voice performance that can not be surpassed in all respects.
Each person has different audio capabilities, so the new Audio Personal Profile will enhance the audio experience by creating a unique profile that is tuned to suit personal listening, dynamically modifying the sound frequencies of each ear. The revolutionary BoomSound ™ Hi-Fi headphones, engineered with the same design as the previous high and low-frequency amplifiers, are a leader in audio systems and meet a speaker for each headset, adding to the experience a clear purity of sound, unprecedented in any smart phone!
The phone's 8mm micro fiber speakers and 70% larger drives give the listener the richest sound experience with a double frequency range.

Performance in the best form
Through applications that run twice as fast and provide a high-quality experience with a new high-definition quad-band display with 30% color increase, giving a real cinematic feel and a 50% greater response to its predecessor, responding to faster and less motion than Finger movements, and follow them perfectly.
The HTC 10 is engineered to last longer and features a Boost + system designed to make the device faster, use lower power rates, provide more efficient protection levels, and add application management features. It also provides a smart boost, which can improve memory efficiency, battery level for games, lower battery levels and a new PowerBotics system that increases battery life by 30% and lasts for two days.
The HTC 10 offers smooth transition between applications, as well as the latest Rapid Charger 3.0 with improved thermal distribution, allowing battery charging to be 50% in just 30 seconds - ideal for people who end up charging their phone batteries before the end of the day.

Control it yourself
With HTC's innovative FreeStyle style, the user no longer has a set of application icons that fill the screen, but the user can drag icons, stickers and widgets to wherever they want, and make them layers, groups, or Stick labels to applications, or