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NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent!

جدة، مكة تم إضافة الإعلان في 00:30, 21 مارس 2018, رقم الإعلان: 100492260

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Situated in Emaar, this apartment is brand new in a new Emaar building. One of the most beautiful buildings by Enaar with stunning Persian artwork and fountain in its entrance, luxurious lobby, and city views, this is a unique residence for the modern Jeddawi!

Apartment has:

1. Large living + dining room with lots of sunlight and big windows

2.Two large bedrooms

3. Two luxury bathrooms

4. One balcony perfect for two small chairs and table for evenings "outdoor"

5. Cosy kitchen (tenant can choose to custom make it)

This apartment is ideal for a small family, young couple, or bachelors.

The building offers:

1. 24/7 Security

2. Covered parking

3. State of the art Gym

4. Large outdoor pool with city views

5. Indoor pool for ladies

6. Nursery for children

7. Squash court

8. Beautiful outdoor seating with, fountains, garden and children's pool & play area

9. Majlis hall for parties, conferences, etc

10. Mosque for men and women

11. Food festivals in Emaar

12. Marathons

13. Beautiful boulevard with restaurants and cafes (Fatoor Faris, Piato, MODO, etc)

14. Home delivery pharmacy

15. Pandati for groceries

16. Wonderful community

Emaar is the most unique small city within the heart of Jeddah, offering a luxurious and convenient life

The two bedroom apartment has just come in the market and the owners are excited to lease it to someone who loves Emaar living as they do!

A place that offers everything to everyone!

NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  2
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  3
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  4
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  5
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  6
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  7
NEW Emaar 2 bedroom apt for rent! جدة -  8

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Unique calligraphic painting

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