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Naztech - Adaptive Fast Charge Wall charger (6 USB)

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Turbo Wall charger (6USB) American Product
*10a-50W Charge 5devices simultaneously
*Dual adaptive fast charge (80% fast charge)
* Universal high-Speed charging
*Variable Voltage

Stop fighting over outlets! This charger transforms one wall outlet into a 6-port charging station!
It’s the ultimate solution for any home or office with multiple devices.
Charge up to six gadgets simultaneously at blazing fast speeds with 50 watts of pure power!
The two orange ports feature cutting-edge Adaptive Fast Charge Technology that can power up compatible devices from drained to 50% full in just 30 minutes! Both ports are universal and can deliver a powerful tablet-friendly 2.4A output to non-Fast Charge devices.
Every port is engineered with IntelliQ Smart Chip Technology, which automatically delivers the exact current each device needs for the fastest and most efficient charging possible.
Enjoy the latest evolution in high-speed charging technology.

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Naztech - Adaptive Fast Charge Wall charger (6 USB) الرياض -  3