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Motorized Treadmill

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Motorized Treadmill
Manufacturer: Health Care (HC)
Model: E-4392-2
Bought from: Al-Faleh Sports House

The Afforable Health Care Motorized Treadmill!

+ Horsepower: 1.5 HP
+ Max Speed: 12 Km/hr
+ Operation: Automatic + Incline
+ Permissible Weight: 110 Kg
+ Walk Length: 150 cm
+ Width: 40 cm
+ Dashboard Screens: Time, Distance, Speed, Incline, Calories, Heart Rate, Programs
+ Speakers: with MP3 input
+ Emergency kill switch

This is a pre-owned Health Care Treadmill which is still in exceptional shape, quality and offers high quality performance at an affordable price for you.

The motors provide a true zero start speed and whisper quiet operation for users. The Treadmill offers specific features such as quick select keys for speed and incline (over the dash board and on grip handles too), interesting modes for both beginners and professionals, a quality fan to lower your body thermal levels, contact heart rate, and several built in programs.

Keep digging deeper and burn all those extra pounds!!

Price is negotiable!
Contact me if you’re interested.
Contact: +966 59 907 3830

Motorized Treadmill الخبر -  2
Motorized Treadmill الخبر -  3
Motorized Treadmill الخبر -  4
Motorized Treadmill الخبر -  5
Motorized Treadmill الخبر -  6

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