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Kia Sportage 2014

الرياض تم إضافة الإعلان في 02:52, 13 سبتمبر 2020, رقم الإعلان: 100888904

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Kia Sportage 2014,

The car performance is like a brand new. Just bought 4 days ago from a philpine honor who was planing to go on final exit. He maintained this car with petromen and maintenance from Kia. New Fahas was done 5 days ago valid for one year. Estimara valid for 2 years. Gear and Engine is absolutely excellent. Body is perfect and original. AC is chilling, excellent performance in peak time on low speed.

Reason for sell: I baught this car on cheap price and want to sell it to get more money because the car is in excellent condition.

Interested personnel please contact on WhatsApp any time But I can response to you between 1:00 PM to 04:00 PM.
Little negotiation (only interested Ppl) others dont waste time please. I dont need to sell it, just to make extra money as the car is like totally new. No any noise or vibration found, well smoth and silent. Please whatsApp if you going to buy on above fixed price + 923 - أظهر الرقم - .

If u agreed with the given price please contact. Thank you

Kia Sportage 2014 الرياض -  2
Kia Sportage 2014 الرياض -  3

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44,000 ر. س
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