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Immigration & Job opportunities in Canada/ Australia

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It’s a pleasure informing you about the new Permanent Immigration rules to CANADA & AUSTRALIA. CANADA has announced Express Entry System of Immigration which is open for many of the professions & your’s is one of the included profession which enhances your option to LIVE, WORK & SETTLE in that part of the world with your family.

Permanent Residents has all the same benefit as a citizen, except to (Right to Vote, Join Army, Civil Services). Benefit which you get as a PR Visa holder, few of them is mentioned as below:-

1. 13 years of Children Education Free.

2. College/University Fee is 70-80% subsidized (For all family members)

3. Medical Free for Family

4. Unemployment Insurance

We, STRATIX CONSULTANTS (Registered Consultants with Canadian & Australian Immigration Authorities) having tie ups with certain job portals, got your details to review as per the new rules & regulations.

To understand more in details apply for the PERMANENT RESIDENCY to CANADA/AUSTRALIA. Join us for a free counselling session to discuss eligibility, Immigration Process, Job Prospects, Living Cost by meeting our knowledgeable experts. We provide end to end service solutions (Assured Visa, Job Assurance in Canada/Ausi, Initial Settlement).

Zubair Malik
Sr. Counselor - Immigration

Office No. 613,6th Floor,
Akaria-3 Building, Olaya Street,
Gate No. 13, Riyadh, KSA.
Tel: 556 - أظهر الرقم -

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