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If You Need Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) Technicians For Your Project

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If you need Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) technicians for your Project we Can give you the best service at a low price.

Our Service :
Our dedicated team can splice a huge Quantity (FOC) core at sort time.
We provide the best support in our Jeddah region for splicing, testing, troubleshooting & urgent support.
We provide any type of splicing multi & single mode with any type of patch panel, closures, ODB, Tetra, Camera, FOC Backbone, etc In any environment in any place.
We can take a Whole project of Fiber or We can work as a rental.
We Provide testing with Otdr, Fluke Tester, VFL & Power Meter.
Our team is dedicated and well experienced in their field.
We Use Fujikura 90s,70s+ for best splicing, and lowest dB loss.
And many more internal and external support with the best materials at a low price.
Also, we can Work On a Long term or Project basis.
We have our own equipment and materials if needed.
We can splice at a low price that you cannot imagine (terms apply)

Our Previous & running Projects:
King Abdulaziz Internation Airport (KAIA) Whole Fiber Communication System & infrastructure.
KAIA Tetra System.
KAIA Data Centar(1,2).
KAIA Load Center (1,2).
KAIA Main Contol Room(MCR) 2,3,5.
Alsalam Royal Palace
KAIA Multistore Parking, etc.

So if you need to be done your work without any trouble and seeking for best support from a dedicated team then You can feel free contact with Us. We can make conversions with a cup of tea.

Note: If you need To see our previous and running project information and success rate we can provide you.
contact for price

Contact Number & WhatsApp :
IBRAHIM: 055 - أظهر الرقم -
Email: ebrahimkrohan
Telegram: t.me/Ibrahimkrohan