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Hyper Gear 4-Port USB Car Charger (Black)

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The HyperGear 4-Port USB Car Charger is an on-the-go, family-friendly charging solution. The compact, portable, low-profile charger plugs conveniently into your vehicle's power outlet, and provides 6.8A of total charging power. The top two ports provide a maximum of 1A each, and the bottom two ports are designed for fast-charging smartphones or tablets, as each port provides 2.4A of power.

Being able to charge up to four devices simultaneously means that everyone's smartphone, tablet, gaming device, and more, can stay powered up for long car rides. A handy, built-in LED lets you know the charger is working, and provides some extra light when trying to connect cables in the dark.

This charger features circuitry and smart chip technology designed to maximize charging while keeping your devices safe.