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مدير محاسبين (HR Management) خبرة 25 سنة

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Personal information
Job Title: compensation specialist in Soliman Fakeeh Hospital , HR Management \ accounting and financial management Salaries & Entitlements Dept.

Date of Birth:08/07/1965

Qualifications ,and courses

*Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Cairo

*Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences Tanta University

*Institute of information science and systems 1994

*British Academy 2/5/2012 to 1/5/2013 information systems

*Professional Association for human resources management of 13/1/2013 to 13/09/2013, human resources information systems

Experiences Accounting in dr Samir abbas from 1.5/2017 to 1.5.2019 insalallah.

* Promoted to auditor of Salaries,wages and compensations in Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

* Vice President of wages and salaries to date 2/2016 in Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital

* Specialist remuneration as of 1/6/2013 to 1/6/2014

* GOSI Training Course for social insurance system and regulations

* Courseware AI DRILA IERE for safety and security

* Review and preparation of exchange orders for the human resources development fund

* I work in the field of human resources as of 1994 in all divisions within the Department of human resources

* I worked on the wage and salary system OASIS

* I currently work on Oracle system for wage and salary Division

* I worked on a system of human resources icl currently Oracle system of wages and salaries

* I worked for a year references on the wages and salaries of all enterprise companies

* Director responsible for all insurance companies Foundation in social insurance Office

* Director in charge of tickets for all enterprise companies and delegate enterprise in saudi airlines

* References to sections of walnuts and foreign Chamber of Commerce in terms of financial Covenant

* I`m Director of wages and salaries in annual leave

* Working in Egypt since 1990 the Ministry of Interior Department of civil status and to the decision of the cabinet information and decision support center

* Participate in the preparation for the Organization`s conferences in terms of processing tickets and booking hotels

* Business Sales Manager at Pioneer corporation Alhndsihvi Egypt from 1988 to 1990

* And the Commissioner for the InterContinental Hotels Corporation and Crown Plaza Marriott

* The entire payroll and review and ratification and submission to the Chairperson of the Council ratified the adoption Exchange and transfer to accounts staff

* Responsible for all service bonus adjustments employees of enterprise

* Adjustments leave and allowances for staff

* New staff files where all their salaries and allowances

* Responsible for all except tabaa and visit


*Proficiency in using English language - Medium.

*Proficiency in dealing with computer.

*Love of work in the spirit of the Teamwork.

*Good looking, courtesy and good conduct.

*Respect of regulations and the ability to coordinate and cooperate with other.

*Seriousness in work.

*The ability to tolerate work pressure.

*Good dealing with others.

*Good communication with others.

*Discipline in work schedules.

*Participating in the surgery from 11/3/2010 to 16/3/2010

*Participate on 12/1/2011 to 14/1/2011.

Address:Jeddah, Alhamra District, Palestine street

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