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Home pods Apple

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Product description
Apple HomePod Speaker is an intuitive device with amazing sound. Apple HomePod has a seamless mesh fabric design.The Apple HomePod Speaker is a technological marvel powered by the advanced A8 chip. Combining Apple Music and Siri, the Apple HomePod gives you an ever-learning and evolving device. Apple Music gives you access to practically any song you want. Siri lends a hand by picking any song you have requested. Telling Siri about your fondness for a particular song, or just listening to your tracks allows Apple Music to learn about your music preferences. If allowed, it will pick songs on its own for you. Accessing this very system gives you access to the latest news and reports. You can also make and receive hands-free calls, send messages and set reminders. Draped in mesh fabric and standing 6.8inch tall and weighing 2.5kg, the speaker is available in a pure white design. On the top of the speaker are play, pause, skip, and volume controls. Push down on the touch surface to talk to Siri. Physical Features Key Features Smart Speaker Apple designed A8 Chip High excursion Woofer Seven Tweeters Touch Surface Sound of Music Producing a dynamic bass through the 20mm speaker is a high-excursion woofer and a custom amplifier. Seven beamforming tweeters, all having their own amplifier, transducer and precision acoustic horn spread the sound seamlessly across various directions of the room. Placing the speaker anywhere in the room is easy. It analyses the acoustics of its location and adjusts the ambient and direct sound accordingly. Connecting with Other Devices Other iOS devices will instantly detect the speaker once plugged. Your preferences and playlists on the HomePod are synchronised with Apple Music, this makes it accessible on your other devices. Apple’s HomeKit platform lets you to connect any compatible smart home accessory with the system, allowing you to remotely voice-control it.

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