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Home furniture. Electric, Electronics. and assorted houshold Items

الدمام، المنطقة الشرقية تم إضافة الإعلان في 10:34, 22 أكتوبر 2017, رقم الإعلان: 100393482

100 ر. س
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الحالة مستعمل

1- Fine real wood full bedroom with extra ķingsize bed (from habitat)
2- children bedroom (3 beds, 2 clothes cabinets.
3- American sofa set (3+2+1) seats (from habitat)
4- Fine local made sofa set (3+2+1+1) seats
5- One Samsung 46" LCD TV series 5 FULL HD, Hyper real engine, HDMI x 4, any net function, digital noise filtering, widecolor enhancer, USB Movie play, connect and shair, crystal design, and more.
7- 26" original FRIGIDAIRE, American refrigerator 220Volts.
8- One 2 Tons Samsung Air conditioner.
9- Two 1,5 Ton Samsung Air conditioner.
10- One TOSHIBA ordinary TV 26".
11- LG VCR & DVD unit with Play/Record/Dubbing function for both.
12- JVC VCR & DVD unit with Play/Record/ Dubbing function for both.
13- original professional Italian drafting and engineering drawing tables with multiple positioning function.
13- professional Sport and Health Treadmill unit 220 volts.
14- complete beauty home sauna system with wooden chair (Health Care prand) new.
15- Expandable American Dinning table (4 to 12 persons).
16- CHARYAZI Gas cooker large size.
17- Assorted professional children gaming unites and children car safety chairs.
18- Book cabinates, raks, multi drawers cabinate (all are IKEA products)
19- Many more Electronic, Electrical, and household use items.
All Items are in excellent condition and mostly like new, and some items are still brand new with factory pakaging and catalogs.
*Most items prices are Killer price for speedy sale (60% to 80% Less than the original Price) which means you can get mostly up to 80% Discount.