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Henna classes 5 days a week - at your convenient timing

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Gender - Female
Experienced - since 2008 from Bahrain.
Location - Classes at home
Age - No age limit
Days - 5 days a week (Fri & Sat) off
Time - Whenever you are free. I am flexible and a cooperative person
Course Duration - 5 months or less or more depends on how quick a learner you are.

A professional henna artist is available to train the beginner. Also here to guide you on how to start your own henna business at home and guidance to work full time/part time or on special occasions in saloon/parlour once you complete the course duration. Along with this, I shall be teaching you how to make perfect dark stain henna at home. Invest little in your training and work for a life time for a better earning. Earn as much as you can. You can make a lot of money from the Henna service. The complete guidance will be given during the classes and some guidance after completing the course.

Watsup for more detail and information or location in Dammam. Do not hesitate to question.

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