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Full Car Computer Checkup available

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150 ر. س
بلّغ عن الإعلان
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Assalamu Alaikum

Computer checkup and Mechanically check any CAR before purchasing it for 150SR on any location
(our checkup is same as Shifa and Naseem computer testing)

We will check

1: ENGINE ,Power, leaks, heating etc.
2:GEAR Electrical valves body ,shifting leaks)
3:All entire MACHINE sensors
4:BODY , Paint ,Chassis(accident history)
5: Oil Leakages
6:All the Temperature of heads Cylinders and Head temperature
7. Examination of air, gasoline and O2 sensors
9. Display the car information
(live data) readings directly during the work of the car(missing,battery voltage,natural temperature)

We will provide you detailed
Printed report (scanned copy)

Having 25 years of experience
in AUTO MOTIVE field so we
will give you 100% "GUARANTEED"
results InshaaAllah

contact any time by
call or watsaap
(available from 9:00am--11:30pm)
Also available on Friday

If you need any repairing contact us


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Car Computer Checkup and Insurance

Car Computer Checkup and Insurance


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150 ر. س