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Excellent Sports Jeep- KIA Sorento- Full Option -Panorama-FInger Print

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PRICE REDUCED TODAY MORE THAN 10000 Riyals As Need Urgent Money - No More Discount and No Time Wasters are Welcome. Price Fixed and final after discount Today.. Final Price 39999 Riyals.. Call me If agreed. Thank You All Brothers.

I would like to Sell my SPORTS JEEP KIA SORENTO 2011 Model. This is FULL option Jeep with many many Good Options. This Car Used very less & personally with very take care. It has Push Start Button with Finger Print Entry.

It Has Panoramic Sunroof w/Power Sunshade with Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID)+ Automatic Leather Seats + Back Camera. I has also Solar Control Glass on windshield and 18-inch Chrome-Finish Alloy Wheels. It’s Fully Covered Inside With Plastic Sheet under the Seats.

My car has never been accident or repaired Or Painted. Its excellent and Original condition as it is. I just renewed Fahas and Istemarah two days ago. I changed Last Week Engine Oil and Oil Filter and AC Filter. I also changed front 2 Tires before 4 Months ago and front Complete Both Shocks absorber. It cost me all around 6500 Riyals. I already Bought a New JEEP, that’s way I am selling this one.

Complete Car Details:


Year: 2011 Model + Color: Black Shining

Transmission: Automatic + MANUAL (Tiptronic Transmission)

Odometer: 86000

Engine Size : 2400 CC

Cylinder : 4 Cylinders

Complete Airbag Protection + Fully Safety 100%

Chilling AC – Very Very Cold & Freezing MASHALLAH

Fully Accident Free 100%

Istemara Valid : Complete 3 Years ( Just 2 days Back Renewed)
Fahas Valid : Just 2 days Back Renewed

Panoramic Sunroof w/Power Sunshade

DVD Player + Navigation System + Bluetooth

High Class Speakers Built in +Woofers Installed

Leather Seats Complete Front and Back – Fully Automatic Electronic

18-inch Chrome-Finish Alloy Wheels

Parking Camera + Central Lock

Complete Controls Steering Buttons With Cruise Control

New Engine Oil + New Oil Filter + New AC Filter + New Front Tires + New Front Both Shocks absorber.

Extra Best Options in this Car (AWESOME FEATURES IN FULL OPTION):

PUSH Start + Finger Print At Door

Xenon High-Intensity Discharge (HID)

Dynamic brilliance lights LED

Dual Sunroof (Panorama)

Keyless Entry + Complete Sensors

Mirror Lights Both Sides + Standard Privacy Glass reduces heat buildup

Inside Red LED Lights at the Door +Opening LOGO at Door

ABS : Breaks + Pure Leather Seats

USB + AUX + DVD + Rear Wiper/Washer

Cruise System + Bluetooth + Original Spoiler With LED Lights

Auto Headlight Control + Automatic on/ Off

Complete Original Hijack + Complete Original Tools Available

Get it and Ready to drive and No need to pay single riyal for anything. 100% guaranteed. Bring your mechanic to save your time and mine.

All maintenance has been done from KIA service center and Petromin.

Reasonable and Discounted Price - Fixed : 39,999 Riyals – No Time Waster Please (Price Already Reduced Now more than 10000 Riyals)

Contact: 594 - أظهر الرقم - 2 , 568 - أظهر الرقم - 7 Mr. AHMED
بِسْم الله الرحمن الرحيم

تخفيض سعر اليوم. بحاجة إلى الفلوس - لا تفوت هذا العرض الخاص. شكر

السوم واصل 38 ألف والبيع قريب إن شاء الله
عرض لكم سيارتي
...كيا...سورينتو دبل 2011
- الجير : أوتوماتيك
- العداد : 86500 كيلو متر
فل كامل بانوراما
لون اسود
ملكي موديل دبل 2011-
سلندر 4
المواصفات دبل. جير اتوماتيك - زجاج كهرباء - . جنوط المنيوم "18 - دفع رباعي - ماكينة 2400 - مكيف هواء + خلفي - . راديو + سي دي + ام بي 3 + AUX + USB + بلوتوث -. Camera + GPS

خارجية نظيفة وداخلية جلد الوكالة بيج

- دبل
ماكينة V4 2400 CC
-حساسات خلفيه
-اشارات مرايا + مكيف بارد
- مثبت سرعة + - بلوتوث
- بصمة + - فرامل ABS
-دخول ذكي + - زجاج كهربائي
-عداد رحلة + ليد امامي وخلفي
- كشافات + التحكم بالضوء
- نظام تثيبت مقعد الطفل + - مرايا كهربائية
- مقود قابل للتعديل + فرامل مانعه للانغلاق
- فتح وتسفيط المرايا
- مدخل USB+AUX_
- فتحات تكييف خلفية + - تحكم بالدركسون
- تحكم بقوة إضاءة الطابلون + - ايرباج

-مثبت سرعة
#دبل + #ريموت + بصمة**
#البدي الخارجي نظيف + #الفرش الداخلي نظيف

يحق للمشتري الفحص
من ناحية المكينة والقير أشوفها نظيفة ويحق للمشتري الفحص
#عداد حوالي 86500 أ