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English conversation with American native speaker

الرياض تم إضافة الإعلان في 00:24, 2 أغسطس 2020, رقم الإعلان: 100885344

Offering 25 and 55-minute online sessions using Skype or Zoom. Free 7-minute consultation.

• Two master's degrees in political science and international education with a focus on the Middle East

• 120-hour TESOL certificate and online ESL teacher for 2 years

• Political Science and American Government teacher at Colorado's largest community college

Currently seeking students who are comfortable speaking English and wish to discuss complex topics such as international politics, culture and global events in addition to exchanging common experiences and perspectives on everday topics. I grew up living in several different countries, have traveled recently and talk to people from all over the world who offer their various perspectives.

From a broad educational perspective, I can discuss with some knowledge a wide range of topics. I am very well read, although I spend most of my time these days keeping up with news on YouTube. From a language learning perspective, I can help you improve your vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciations. I am also experienced with academic writing and research using APA citations. I can direct you to free learning resources to support your language improvement and understanding.

Gain comfort with speaking and listening through consistent practice. Message me to see my profile video and schedule through my 3rd party app. I will send you the link.

Payment is 60 riyal (17 US) for 25 minutes or 110 (30 US) for 55 minutes via PayPal if you have a business account or Western Union. If there are other payment apps available between KSA and the US we can coordinate.

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Colleen Jennings

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