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EBow Plus Electronic Bow for Guitar

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450 ر. س
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Get Adventurous with the EBow!
An accessory that inspires you! It's about time you brought the fun back to playing guitar and gave yourself a new dimension to explore. Rather than putting your tone in a stompbox you can turn on and off, the EBow puts the control right into your own hands - your picking hands, to be specific. This handheld wonder vibrates your guitar strings, making way for unbelievable sonic effects such as infinite sustain, bowing sounds, slurs, fades, and more. Try it with a distortion pedal and a delay pedal, and you won't believe the textures coming out of your guitar rig. Loop the tone and soar a lead over the top - the possibilities are endless. If you've been dry on song ideas and want to give your creativity a kickstart, don't spend a fortune - start with the amazing EBow.

EBow "Energy Bow" Features at a Glance:
"Energy Bow" for guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments
Produces a variety of effects such as sustain, fades, bowing, and tonal textures
Replaces the pick in your right hand and inspires creativity
Powered by a 9-volt battery

PRICE: Only 450SR
NOTE: Not available in local market!

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