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DELL All-in-One PC 9020 Core-i5, 23" SSD+Win10 Pro

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Manufacturer: Dell Computers
Model: Optiplex 9020

Intel Core-i5(4th Generation)

8GB (Extendable up to 16GB)

23" Inch Touch Screen Display(No any Single Scratch)

SSD: 500GB Samsung Evo 860
Optical Drive: DVD RW

Card Reader, HDMI, USB

Hardware Acceleration: Ultra Fast Response
Physical Condition: Neat(Like Brand New)

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows10 Pro Original Not Cracked
Microsoft Office 2019

Read me Please:-
This All-in-One System is in Used Condition and The Physical Condition is Perfect it's Hardware Acceleration is incredible.
Hard Drive Has Been Replaced With SSD 500GB and Win10 Pro Original is Running so Smoothly and Updated Yesterday . kindly don't bargain.The Price of Brand New System of The Same Model Exceeds 6000SAR in Local Markets, Please Note That Only SSD 500GB and Original License of Windows Costs More Than 1200SAR, an Original Dell Branded Wireless Keyboard & Mouse is Being Added with It Although it did Not Come With It and i Personally Added that Since The Keyboard & Mouse Has Same Color Combination So It Can Become a Set if You Don't Need That I can Less 350SAR it is Purchased Separately Please Note That This is Not The Keyboard Which comes in 100 or 150SAR it is Something of a High Caliber and Costs Around 400SAR.

*** Money Back Guarantee Offered in Case of any Technical Issue ***

Note: I am a Reseller! Please If You Do Not Agree On the Price Mentioned Above You Can Buy Any Other Cheaper Models Since I Can Not Sell Them in Loss Because I've Invested in Them Already, Thanks

DELL All-in-One PC 9020 Core-i5, 23" SSD+Win10 Pro الرياض -  2
DELL All-in-One PC 9020 Core-i5, 23" SSD+Win10 Pro الرياض -  3

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