عُمر المتصفّح لديك يتجاوز الخمس سنوات
إضغط على إحدى المتصفحات التالية لتحصل على نسخة أحدث وأسرع

لقد انتهت صلاحية الإعلان، ولكن وجدنا إعلانات مشابهة في تجارة وصناعة أخرى .

Dates from the Holy Land of Madinah Al Munnawara

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Nawat Al Madina Dates & Ready Meal Co. Ltd is located in Madina Munawara, Nawat is focused on providing the best Saudi Dates to the world with a reflection of rich cultural tradition.

Our premium selection of date varieties are accompanied by a delicious range of date paste, stuffed dates, and chocolate coated dates with our very own culinary artisan that leaves our customers longing for more.

We are the finest date processors in the region and this status has been attained through adherence to strict quality control, administrative protocols and maintaining required hygiene levels, as a priority throughout the entire process.

We invest heavily in quality and box appearance to bring this Saudi delicacy to the world. Choose a variety of packaging options. From retail packs to corporate gift packs and bulk loads, we ensure that our products meet all food standards and quality expectations of consumers from around the globe. Besides this, we also offer white label services with decades-long market experience and branding expertise to ease the burden which associates with while labeling products on your own brand.

Please note that we provide the following type of dates which are common for exports:

1. Ajwa
2. Khudri
3. Sagai
4. Saffawi
5. Mabroom
6. Khalas &
7. Sukkary

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