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Branded Wireless Headphones

الطائف، مكة تم إضافة الإعلان في 15:09, 13 يناير 2021, رقم الإعلان: 100964540


1) 2-In-1 charging case, which is very sleek and remarkably compact, you can not only use it to charge your earbuds, but also can be used as a storage case, easy to carry around.

2) Smart touch control, simple for you to tap on the earbud to skip songs, adjust volume, answer/reject calls and activate voice assistant without picking up your phone.

3) You can seamlessly pair this earbuds to your BT devices automatically right after opening the case, very fast and convenient.

4) Compared with the snug fitting silicone ear tips from many others you see on the market, they are more comfortable to wear.
A high quality set of earbuds with good battery life ,it will give you clear and stereo sounds.


Color: Black & White
Connection Type: Bluetooth
Grade: New
Model Name: V8399B-V
Model Number: V8399B-V
Set Includes: 1 pair of Headset
Size 15 x 3.5 x 8 cm
What's In The Box: 1 pair of Headset
Bluetooth Version: 5.0

The Item will be delivered in 6 to 9 business days
Shipping fees of 20 riyal must be paid on shopping of less then 100 SAR

Branded Wireless Headphones الطائف -  2
Branded Wireless Headphones الطائف -  3
Branded Wireless Headphones الطائف -  4
Branded Wireless Headphones الطائف -  5

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