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Best Mid Rang Nikai 50 inch FULL HD SMART LED TV

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The Nikai 50inch TV takes entertainment to another level. Its FHD display lets you view the content with all of its minute details in a crystal-clear manner. The 50inch display offers an immersive view and takes you to a different world. Moreover, this Nikai smart TV features an integrated sound system with the speaker panel that emits sharp highs and clear lows of the sound. What’s more, you can connect the TV to WiFi and enjoy streaming a wide variety of online content. Also, the Android OS comes handy for the unmatched, smooth functionality. This Nikai TV also features one HDMI input point, enabling you to connect your device seamlessly with other devices and view the content on a larger and better screen. Lastly, the thin bezel design and polished finish look classy in modish living spaces.

TV Type: Smart LED TV
Built-in WIFI and support Smart App
Screen Size: 50 Inch
Operating System: Android 4.0
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080

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