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Automatic Meat Cutting Machine

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Automatic meat cutting machine is a practical and useful machine in Industrial kitchens and restaurant equipment industry. This machine is used for cutting a high volume of meat into small pieces, even frozen meat. In industrial kitchens usually use knife and cleaver for cutting meat, which is not safe and healthy for the personnel. Working with an automatic meat cutting machine is easy and safe. This machine has the capability of cutting 1000 kg of meat per hour. This capacity cause time and expense savings. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel and the blade of it is made of hardened steel.

Standard Dimensions: 110 * 280 * 200 cm

Weight: 300 Kg

Blade Material: Hardened stainless steel (machine blade has five years warranty)

System: Mechanical

Capacity: One ton per hour

Engine power: 15 kWh

Power consumpti on:380 voltage