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Automatic Carpet Washing Machine (CHROME)

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The automatic carpet washing machine is manufactured using superior technology. It can save workmanship, time, water and electricity. This machine is an automatic belt conveyor mode. We can produce minumum 4 to 12 with circular brush, bottom wash and helix cylinder brush.It does not need much humanpower. The machine has been produced in accordance with the long working
for the carpet washing plants

1 - Machine Length: 290cm
2 - Machine Band Width: 255cm
3 - Machine Height: 165cm
4 - Detergent Tank: 200 Liter
5 - Machine Adjustable Band Speed: Poten al Metric
6 - Machine Board: The automa on system is provided with contactors and designed in such a way that an ordinary electrician can understand.
7 - Start and Stop √√
8 - Brush Down-Brush Up Auto √√