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Android TV Box

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I am Selling only new android TV boxes which will convert your normal TV into Smart/Android TV. With this box you can watch Indian Pakistani, Bangla, Philippines, South India and all International Channels, Cricket, Sports, Movies Documentaries, Carton Movies and Hundreds of VOD movies, Serials Star Plus Zee Sony Color Netflix in HD above all no subscription is require and you don't need to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly its one time payment of box only. You can down load any app through Play Store like your mobile. It requires 20 MBPS min internet speed and strong WIFI Signals. Its Portable devise you can take it into your pocket and just plug into your TV and that's it. It also works in Pakistan and India and other countries. Its really worth. Price is fix. Installation is free. Delivery to Hara and Wazara is free. Delivery charges to other location 30 SR

Q Plus 32 GB ROM 4 GB RAM 330 SR
Q Plus 64 GB ROM 4 GB RAM 350 SR

X88 PRO 32 GB ROM 4 GB RAM 330 SR

HK1 R 32 GB ROM 4 GB RAM 370 SR

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