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Al sapooq car care center

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Welcome to Al-Sabbouk Center Your ideal choice for car care
Pay less .. and take more
** Without value added **

Looking for professional polishing for your entire car without the impact of holograms or circles on the bodys or interior decoration?

You want comprehensive interior attention and attention to all the details from air conditioner vents to rear taps through door barbells and under seats?

Looking for a center with experience in car care?

Al Sabouk Center offers you the best car care products with the best European and American materials
Care for high quality materials Care and clean without affecting internal furniture Whether it is leather, cloth or plastic surfaces, and gives a strong gloss of the bodys the least removal in the coating layers for long-lasting results without circles or ripples

Polishing We have the latest equipment for the whole car includes:

- Removal of roughness, saline deposition and oxidation on the body paint.

- Treatment and removal of scratches, circles and ripples on the paint.

- Cleaning of seats, floors, ceiling and decorations with back pack and spire. (Seat and floor removal service)

- Cleaning of the sunroof and the edges of the windows and door locks.

- Polishing headlights and rear.

- Re-glinting of chromium and chromium and removing the layer of mineral deposits.

- Re-color for external fibrates (black plastic)

- Remove bad smells and air conditioner smells.

We guarantee and sustain your results.

For inquiries and reservations you can contact us within the working hours listed and we serve you:

Connection / Attribution:
537 - أظهر الرقم -

from Saturday to Thursday
9 - 12 noon
4 - 10 pm