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Al majdi Trasport For Loading Un Loading M9ver Packer

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Fed up with your moving
Yes, AL MAJDI TRANSPORT will give you a complete solution for this problem. 
AL MAJDI TRANSPORT is a fully insured moving company that offers local and international moving services within a fixed time.
Our mission is to give full satisfaction to our Customers and make them free from their stress during the time of move .We assure you that, we can schedule your move with short advance times if necessary.

AL MAJDI TRANSPORT is one of the most appreciated and recommended moving company in SAUDI ARABIA. Gulf Countries
We reached in this position with our large experience and great support of our clients’ .More than 50% of the business is referred to us by our Customers who have moved with us in the past. Our list of satisfied Customers are increasing day by day and most of them used us again and again in their various kinds of move.


International door to door move -land, sea and air

Local move - residential or office move

Storage move - safe packing to store

Packing - export,semi-export and local

Container removal -(Full Container) and (Shared Container)


AL MAJDI TRANSPORT have permanent employees who are professionally trained,They are sensible too to know the emotions of our Customers regarding their belongings. So they make sure to treat your valuable things with care because those are so precious to you and make your home perfect.
Our well trained employees ensure that your moving items are properly packed with standard packing materials for safe arrival at your new place.They also give more attention during the time of loading, unloading. because Customer’s satisfaction is more important.
Our team includes experienced drivers who make the process of move complete and smooth. According to your stuff our team arrange suitable vehicle from the fleet of vehicles for smooth transportation.


AL MAJDI TRANSPORT are using enough number of skilled employees and suitable vehicles for loading, unloading and delivering your stuff .so it is easy for smooth move and it automatically leads to less cost. In short we can move your stuff in a reasonable price, which makes you happy.
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Mover PACKER Compound VILLA OFFICE REMOVING FIXING instalment storege

Mover PACKER Compound VILLA OFFICE REMOVING FIXING instalment storege

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