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Accounting Software / HR Software/ POS/Management System

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We have all types of businesses. School Management system , Restaurant management System, Hospital Management , Salon Management system and Point of Sale available in very resonable prices.


Our POS used in restaurants, shops, coffee shops, salons, bookstores, hotels, fast food, garments, auto parts, factories, bakeries, grocery stores, pet stores, etc. It has following features:

Contacts, Products, Purchases, Sales, Quotes, Register Details, Stock Transfers, Expenses, Payment Accounts,
Orders, Settings, Business Location, Invoice Setting, Bar Code Settings, Reciept Printer.

It has following reports:
​Tax Prices. Reports, Profit & Loss Report, Product Sales Report, Table Report, Sales Representative Report, Register Report, Expenditure Report , Purchase Report, Product Purchase Report, Item Report, Stock Report, Tax Report,

We will provide you reasonable rates and quality system.
We have solutions for all kind of businesses so feel free to contact us.

• School Management System

• Restaurant Management System with Loyalty Program

• Saloon Management System

• Booking Applications.

• Hospital Management System

• Accounting Software

• Reports Management

• Point of Sale.

• Accounts Management System.

• Software Solutions


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• Shop software

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