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A teacher of English

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My name is Shaban Metwali Saleh. I am a teacher of English. I’ve been working as a teacher of English for more than twenty successive year. My long experience enables me to teach any curriculum either in national or international schools. I have a relevant degree in English. I got TESOL Diploma in teaching from LTTC ( London Teacher Training College), London in 2015 with general assessment A and IELTS Test with grade 6 in 2015 and 2018. I have been through hundreds of workshops, training sessions and conferences related to Education and its challenges in some Arab countries in the 21st century. I've been working as an EFL for ten years in Experimental Language schools in Egypt and ten years in KSA {Abnaa Secondary School, Navel Base, Jubal, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University and Rima International School in Riyadh }. I reflect on the Saudi cultural dimensions. I made an excellent rapport with my students. I am a professional teacher. I have many documents certify my excellence and superiority in my field over the academic and the personal level.
Teaching English is a second nature to me. My life is based primarily on it. I read a lot in literature during my academic years that gave me a good cultural background which helped me in my job. When teaching a new language with a new culture, cross culture events appeared to be an environment in the communicative means between teachers and their students. I try to avoid anything that may cause any harm or cultural problems when teaching English to my students.
My personal philosophy of teaching is to be aware of the theory behind what I teach and the way that I teach. My teaching philosophy is based on the learner’s preexisting knowledge that contribute to the learning process. I try to discover and exploit this knowledge. Another point which is understanding the social function of the language. So it is very important to teach students how to use English properly in their daily life.