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Waleed Elsayed Mohamed Zaki ( Accounts & Finance Manager )
Address :- KSA
Mobile NO :- + 966 - أظهر الرقم -
Personal Data
Nationality :- EGYPTIAN Birth place :- CAIRO _ EGYPT
Birth date : - 19TH MARCH 1983. Age :- 37 YEARS / OLD
Marital status :- MARRIED religion :- ESLAM
Driving License :- yes Valid residence license :- YES
Education & Qualifications
o Education place : AIN SHAMS University.
o Specialization : accounting
o Bachelor faculty of commerce
o General Degree : good
o Graduation year : 6002
Training and scientific sessions
 Holds Computer (ICDL) from (ORASCOM CENTER) for computer.
 Cycle in the OFFICE group immediately after graduation from the center (ORASCOM).
 Legal training as an accountant for a period of 3 months the Arab Group for Financial Advisors.
Career experiences
Last job title From TO Company field Company
01/05/2020 30/09/2020 Clothes Abo Elfeda – Egypt Finance & Accounts
AL Maali Hospital
Al Atiyah Holding Company ( KSA ) 15/03/2019 18/02/2020 Medical Finance & Accounts
Manafez For Importing & Exporting
Al Atiyah Holding Company ( KSA )
Dates Manufacturing
Import & Export 16/04/2013 14/03/2019 Finance & Accounts
Al-Omran for Industry & trading Company
( KSA ) Chief Accountant 15/07/2011 15/04/2013 Manufacturing
Falcon Plastic Products - a subsidiary of
Mohammed Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi (KSA)
Produce adhesive rolls
and plastic Senior Accountant 01/01/6000 30/06/2011
Halwani Brothers Co. - Egypt Foods Manufacturing 01/01/2009 31/12/2009 Costing & stock control
Halwani Brothers Co. - Egypt Foods Manufacturing Regional Sales Accountant 01/01/2007 31/12/2008
1) Closing and auditing accounts and preparing all the restrictions of settlements.
2) Preparation of fixed assets , other assets, depreciation and depreciation rates and adjustments.
3) Preparation of monthly salaries and allowances for employees (allowance for vacation allowance - provision for travel
tickets - end of service provision).
4) Preparation of inventory certificates, reconciliation of stock balances as in warehouses and general accounts,
settlement and treatment of existing differences in accordance with the stock assessment criteria followed, changes in stock
balances at the end of the financial year, operating expenses, cost of goods sold and preparation of production costs under
operating according to known inventory methods in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards
5) Prepare customer balance adjustments, provision for doubtful debts to customers and debt reconstruction reports for
receivables and receivables
6) Follow-up and settlement of the Covenant and accounts for customers and employees.
7) Bank disbursement, statement of monthly financial obligations, supplier claims and bank reconciliation notes
8) Inventory of the Fund and follow-up notes of the cash fund - daily checks
9) Letters of credit and payment papers.
10) Closing of the final accounts (profit and loss account and statutory reserve) and balance of audit and financial
reporting to the competent.
11) Preparation of Financial Statements (Cost of Sales List - Statement of Income - Statement of Cash Flows - Statement
of Financial Position)
12) Preparation of financial analyzes and all budget clarifications.
13) Preparation of budget estimates, long-term strategic plans and short-term financial studies.
Additional skills and languages
 First Language - Arabic (mother tongue)
 Second Language - good English (speaking - writing - reading).
 Ability to analyze
 Team Skills
 Ability to work under-pressure
 Communication Skills
 Excellent dealing with computers and databases and linking them and preparing financial reports
 Excellent dealing with Internet ,e-mail and (micro soft )
 Advanced excel
 Ability and work skillfully to work under pressure and rush hours and the ability to learn new tasks quickly.
 Planning – purchasing accounting – monthly reporting - analysis
Honored to be one of your team


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