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محاسب خبرة 16عام العمل برنامج Oracle الحسابات الختامية جوال 501 - أظهر الرقم -

- accounts department :Where I make journal entries and preparation of trial
1 - BANKS:Preparation of requests for cheques, and then issuing cheques to fund projects,
contractors ' dues .
2 - payment of salaries of employees (320 person) 450.000 SR/month .
3 - Vendor bank remittance business, and sales amounts each of collection crushers and
Mixers .
4 - Adjust and supplier audits: review the raw material receipt bonds purchased and
Matched with the input suppliers every day before bonds program .
5 - Preparation of invoices program, and review them, then Insert invoices on the program
to become a vendor account statement posted suppliers .
6 - Monthly reconciliations work with suppliers and approved them,
7 - Monthly financial reports and submit them for public administration .
8 - Regular and periodic inventory warehouse and lift the inventory results for financial
9-Exact sales and customer accounts, documentary, action and
monthly reports
10- Selling a product "ready mix" which is produced by the crusher and sold
to our customers in the region, which were types as (plainconcrete , Reinforced
concrete , Prestressed, Precast , High strength concrete,….)