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شقق للعوائل الأفخم في الملز (مفروشة) بالكامل

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Location: / Al-Malaz - University Street (Apartments for the Bridal)
• Three rooms (sleeping room) + kitchen and a bathroom with Banywa for the couple + large hall + dining hall + a kitchen with an oven, refrigerator, microwave and air conditioner Splt + water cycle + solar lawn by swing and grill
• Air conditioners + air conditioners in the main rooms
• Pharaonic domes in the main rooms
• Luxurious finishing and personal building
• High ceilings and large windows
• High privacy and door architecture is always locked and for the elite only
• Parking for private car
Rent 48,000 thousand
The pictures reflect the remaining details
If you want to see the apartment
Please send a text message
Contains the following information:
Nationality. number of family members. Function.
We will contact you.
Any incomplete message information will be ignored
* Do not receive phone calls
Mobile number: 507 - أظهر الرقم -


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